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Saturday, November 6, 2010

India bashing

Comment by Peggy O'Connor as a reply to my facebook post:

Obama started his 20 hr journey to Indian and will be in India for three days, the longest single stretch he has spent
in any foreign country. He will stay in Taj Mumbai - sending a very strong message to terrorists of all sorts. Good. And hope Obama's plan to increase trade wont re-colonize India. I think, this time we know how to deal it :)

Peggy O'Connor:

"America has been built by persons of all nations. Labor was hard, pay was not always fair, nor were conditions good. People in America struggled, worked hard to stop explotation of the worker. Formed Unions to protect workers that they shou...ld not have to work as slaves for slaves wages. To earn a decent, deserving wage. Many people fought hard, died, suffered to make this Country a place where so obviously today so many people want to live because of the fair chances for success. Because we have rules that govern the workplace. Protection of law for the working people. These other Countries, such as India, what have they done for their working poor, or just plain poor? What Unions have they started to protect workers rights for fair wage? What are the regulations on Child labor? What chance for "Untouchables" to have live a decent life? What "Justice" is owed to India. England colonized India. Not America. It is and has been India's responsibility to take care of it's people. India does not take care of it's people. It's people are exploited regularly. We don't want that in America. We don't want to be bought down to the level of slave work and slave wage. We expect more. We expect a fair pay for a fair days work. We don't accept Child labor. We don't make slaves of untouchables. I do not want my Country to ever be like India. With the tremendous human rights violations I detest our jobs going to India. You have atomic bombs but your people starve and live in filth and poverty...and you want justice??? Justice for what??? Why don't you start with Justice for the Untouchables? We, the United States, did not make India. India, as all other Countries is what it's people have made it."


PS: I took this post out of my facebook page, because I found that this was too much of India bashing to demoralize Indian people, which I dont support. I publish it in a separate blog to protect the freedom of expression of Peggy O'Connor.

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