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Saturday, June 23, 2012

What would John the Baptist say? (on his feast day today)

“Kingdom of God is at hand. I encourage all of us to be compassionate. But at the same time, please resist the trap to fake compassion. There is no compassion in allowing people to die on false hopes.

Any policy that encourage people to get killed is wrong. Because, Australian way of life – or any way of life to that matter – is not greater than a single human life.

There is an urgent need to stop the boats and playing politics over the issue, because it kill people. Our generosity and compassion should mould our collective will to accept more asylum-seekers. That is we need to resolve to increase the annual asylum intake so that less-fortunate people around the world can start a new life in our land. And we need to resolve to bring them by plane.”

Note: Excerpt from homily delivered at Corpus Christi, South Tuggeanong, Canberrra on 24th May 2012 
Photo courtesy: The Australian

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